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The Eternal Sanctum

The Eternal Sanctum (永恒和平的绳索), literally "The Sanctum of Eternal Peace", and known officially as the "Eternal Sanctum", is a Chinese webnovel series written by Clouded Jade and published by Creative Novels under their Original Novels label.

The novel is currently released only in its English counterpart, translated by the author Clouded Jade.


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“A mirror?” she wondered, rubbing the smooth surface with her slender fingers.

“What’s so special about it? It looks so ordinary.”

“Just not a plain mirror,” replied the grandfather. His gaze distant, his voice was hoarse as he explained. “It’ll change your life to the deepest core. Here, since it is your sixteenth birthday, I’ll pass it to you as a present. Perhaps one day, you'll thank this old bag of bones, ah?”

“How will it change anything?” she retorted, tapping the pristine yet dull surface. “You must be joking! Always prancing about how I need to be more vain, so mean!”

“You will see in due time,” was the reply.

You will see in due time. Just how a single, useless mirror will change your life in many ways unexpected by anyone.

Grandfather was indeed correct. An Fei could not help but admit it. The mirror had completely changed her life, just as he had said.

Only, was she presented hell, or a new life?


A single mortal girl, thrown into the chaotic bastion of ancient legends and myths. A bastion containing the hopes, will, and despair of mortal and immortal existences alike.

When all deceit is stripped from the foundations of the world to reveal the cold, bitter truth, how will she survive?