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Unlike the cultivation attributed to mortals, the Domain Realms inherent of a mortal do not pose much significance towards their overal strength or capability to project miracles. Instead, such capability depends on their ability to wield the Divine Script and their Authority; the former of which is strictly determined upon the Immortal Being or Object's creation, and the latter merely depends on their influence throughout the Realm. The successive stages of an Immortal Being's Domain Realm can freely alternate between stages depending on the Immortal's current Authority.

Divine Essence

Divine Essence is the alternate term bestowed by the Realm onto the primary particulate compsition of the void. Its full properties and origin are unknown to the denizens of the Realm, and is a secret withheld solely by the Progenitors and the Creator. The properties of Divine Essence that are known, are listed in particular:

  • Divine Essence is infinitely self-propagating. One iota of divine essence can be utilized as an infinite reservoir, and the opposite is equally true.
  • Divine Essence can be bestowed attributes of Yang, Yin, and successive imprints as per the machinations of its wielders, but the effects remain temporary. Once the altered Divine Essence is cast into the expansive void and the intended miracle is accomplished, the "consumed" Divine Essence sheds all external attributes and assimilates back into the void.
  • Should an Immortal Being expend all of their reserves of Divine Essence, they will fall into mandatory slumber until their reserves are fully replenished. Furthermore, the slumber cannot be broken via any means.
  • It is impossible to revitalize Divine Essence through external means in a permanent existence, although temproary revitalization is possible, and induces a floating, euphoric effect that is non-addictive (tested by the glorious members of the Tianzun Imperial Court).

Divine Essence can be utilized to engender any miracle deemed possible, or envisioned by the Immortal Being's imagination. The amount of Divine Essence consumed is proportional to the complexity of the miracle's properties; the more vague and indistinct of a phenomenon, the less Divine Essence is required. Should Divine Essence be utilized as a means of facilitating combat, the produced miracles are retrospective of the combatants' respective Authority; the Immortal Being possessing a greater Authority produces a stronger phenomenon, and the miracles produced by the Immortal Being with lesser Authority are mitigated in every aspect possible and sometimes prevented from manifestation.

In most cases, the self-propagating feature of Divine Essence to infinite bounds instantiates that Immortal Beings hardly experience a total depletion of their reserves of Divine Essence through ordinary means. However, certain martial arts techniques that carry the attributes of ignoring and bypassing all established convention of Authority such as the Heavenly Talisman and Calligraphy are known to drain an Immortal Being completely of their reserves without exception.

Divine Script

The Divine Script is the fundamental language of the Realm; more accurately described, the language that is used to define the rules and restrictions of the Realm, the void, Immortal Beings and Objects, Mortals, and the nature of creation in general. It is the most direct manifestation of pure information accessible by Immortal Beings, and can represent a portion of the Creator's divine will. 

The Divine Script does not have a formalized writing system or characters; rather, the Divine Script emboldens an ambiguous structure of strokes and lines resembling that of an ancient variation of the Traditional Chinese Script, but only the strokes and lines themselves - the characters attributed with the Chinese written language are not incorporated into the Divine Script, nor are they recognized as part of it. The vocal structure is similar to Mandarin Chinese, albeit with a few bizarrely placed accents in several commonplace words. The pecularities exist due to the Creator's personal linguistic habits, and have remained since.

Iteration of the Divine Script is a direct call towards the fundamental nature and laws governing the Realm as well as the void. Wielding the Construct of information itself, those who iterate the Divine Script can bypass any countermeasure of Divine Essence regardless of the individuals' respective Authority. The accessibility of the Divine Script to an Immortal Being is determined by the purity of their Construct regarding the empowered concept; Constructs generated towards the fulfillment of a single concept receive a greater affinity with the Divine Script than those that allow greater versatility and freedom of expression.

Progenitors and those possessed with the nature of Beyond God's Will are capable of wielding the Divine Script without restriction, albeit requiring the knowledge of the verbal pronunciation of the words as well as the methods to writing them.

First Stage: Precinct

Second Stage: Prefecture

Third Stage: Earthly Charter

Fourth Stage: Boundary of Earth's Domain

Fifth Stage: Heavenly Immortal

Sixth Stage: Immortal World

Seventh Stage: Royal Immortal

Eighth Stage: Origin


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